Volunteers play an essential part in helping us meet our mission


Volunteers can choose to work at the national office, local branch, or at home.


We are currently looking for volunteers to:

" Sort, label, pack new clothing

" Mend new clothing in need of minor repairs

" Cut materials for various projects, i.e. blankets, sheets, appliqués

" Assemble boxes for shipping– making book-size boxes and breaking                                               down other boxes for recycling

" Minor “handyman jobs”- sweeping, moving boxes

" Clerical duties in office—mailings, editing, telephone calls, etc.

" Development—marketing, outreach, research

" Special Events—Dinner Auction, Tread for Threads, Annual Appeal

" Serve on the Board of Trustees



NGA is a volunteer-based non-profit organization with thousands of

volunteers who work towards NGA’s mission.


Please contact Michelle Rich-Bonn if you are interested in NGA’s Volunteer Opportunities!




  Here are some other ways that you can help NGA:

· Donate any new clothing, linens or toiletries for distribution to needy individuals.

· Plan a fundraising event at your work establishment, community, school or church with these         EASY TIPS.

· Gift Certificates (of any amount) to clothing and office supply stores are always greatly appreciated and go a long way for NGA! 

· NGA is always in need of packing essentials.  If packing tape, boxes, etc. are clustering your garage, the donation would be a treasure to us!





Special thanks to all of our volunteers...we couldn’t do it without you!!!





Volunteer Opportunities