Text Box: Back to School Days
Throughout the summer, collect new clothing items for children who are going back to school in September.
Text Box: Spring Cleaning 
You may not have to look any further than your own closet for donations!  Items that you have not worn may be a treasure to another individual!
Text Box: Happy Birthday, NGA!  
This year, NGA is celebrating our 125th Birthday!  You could hold a small birthday party at lunch (who needs an excuse for cake?!?) and each employee could bring a new clothing item as a gift to NGA.
Text Box: 4 Seasons 
Have a collection on the 1st day of spring, summer, fall & winter.
Text Box: It’s A…..!
Have a lunchtime baby shower and collect 
infant & maternity items.
Text Box: Fund Jar
Instead of donating clothing items, collect money to either purchase items or donate to NGA, Inc.
Text Box: Clothes-A-Thon
Each employee can accumulate clothing items to see who collects the most in your 
department!  That person would be honored in NGA’s newsletter (& maybe the boss will let you leave an hour early!)

You may have some great ideas of your own! Set up a convenient and safe location to collect the items. 

Advertise the collection with posters throughout your

Departments.  We can help you with artwork and posters if needed and we also have large donation boxes for your use.  Please let us know if you would like NGA to pick up any donated items!


Here are some ideas to raise clothing items

Text Box: Car Wash, For a Donation
What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than playing in the water & sun all while volunteering for a good cause?!  You could charge each car a new article of clothing for a carwash .  Please contact NGA, Inc. if you would like to use our property for the event!
Text Box: Walk-a-Thon	
A good excuse to get some fresh air & exercise all while donating to a good cause!  Students could find pledges to donate an article of clothing for each mile that they walk!  

Text Box: Administrative Fun	
Each class could keep a jar where they could throw extra change.  After the deadline, faculty members have to guess how much money has been accumulated.  The students can pick the 
reward for the winning faculty member!  (Or the penalty for the loser!)
Text Box: Kids Vs. Teachers
To kick off the nice weather, students and 
teachers could participate in an afternoon of 
competitions!  Each team member could donate an article of clothing and once the teams are formed, let the games begin!
Text Box: Talent Show for Students
 Give students a chance to show off their skills with a talent show!!  The entrance fee could be one article of clothing and the winner of the 
talent show will be pictured in NGA’s 










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Telephone:  (215) 682-9183

E-Mail:  nga@nga-inc.org



You could help NGA and have some fun while you’re at it!  We have come up with some fun ideas that you could easily incorporate into your school or workday!