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Text Box: NGA History


· NGA was founded in 1885 and incorporated in 1896 in Philadelphia, PA.

· In April, 1985 NGA held their 100th Annual National Convention at the Hershey Hotel in Philadelphia.

· The first National office was located on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.

· In 1932 Mrs. Cleveland, widow of Grover Cleveland, becomes President of NGA.

· NGA has thousands of volunteers helping with our mission across the United States.

· NGA celebrated its 125th Birthday Year in 2010!!!


The Needlework Guild began in England in 1882 following a mining disaster in nearby Wales. Lady Diana Wolverton gathered a group of people together to make clothing (one to wear, one to wash) for the children whose parents had died in the disaster. She “glimpsed the fact that old garments might pauperize, but new garments equalize.”

Queen Mary’s Clothing Guild is still active and assisting thousands of people in need each year.  Recently, the Guild proudly launched a new website.  To learn more about our friends, the inspiring work that they do and their amazing history, visit www.qmcg.org.uk.

In 1885 Mrs. Harpence from Philadelphia was impressed with the work that was being done.  She shared the concept with her niece, Laura Safford, who in turn told 6 of her friends.  They agreed to help her sew for the needy.  The first year, they collected 921 articles which were donated to hospitals and orphanages.  The Needlework Guild of America was founded in Philadelphia in 1885 and later incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1896.

Since that time, NGA has helped many needy neighbors.  We have also helped those in need during the Spanish-American War, the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, World War I and II, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Floyd, and Hurricane Katrina.

Today our organization is affiliated with over 170 non-profit charities across the United States and distributes over 240,000 items each year!  NGA has 33 Branches in ten different states, as well as National Headquarters located in Warminster, Pennsylvania. In July of 2011, our official name was changed to NGA ~ Needlework Guild of America.