We have decided to expand our organization and we would to invite to you to establish an official branch of NGA, Inc.




There are many benefits to having an established branch:


A positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged individuals

Achievement of a leadership/management position

Development of a professional resume

Networking opportunities with professionals to strengthen your future career

A strong connection between you and your community

An opportunity to master leadership skills, organizational skills and money management

National marketing & recognition



Other Benefits Include:


      Credibility – As an NGA branch, you have the NGA National Headquarters acting as a parent who has been taking care of the legal logistics for 125 years.  With one million non-profits in the US, it is imperative to have a firm and legally sound foundation.


      Accountability – The NGA National Headquarters will provide resources to help you keep track of records that are required by the government. Reports will be submitted to National by your branch on an annual basis. 


      Strength in Unity – You are not alone!  You are part of the NGA family that extends from coast to coast (currently in 11 states.)  You will receive a biannual newsletter, which provides new ideas and is a great resource to keep you informed of NGA activities.

















Build Your Team!

You will  need at least 4 people, which would include your officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary) & any volunteers that would like to contribute their time to our Mission.


Contact the NGA, Inc. Board of Trustees to officially register you as a Branch.


Partner with local non-profit agencies in your community.

Which agencies in your area could use new items of clothes, linens and/or toiletries?  All they have to do is apply and submit a small annual fee.  Then, as a Distributing Agency, they will receive items throughout the year.


Gather the Goods

Ask for donations from individuals, groups or businesses.  You could also think of creative ways to collect items.

Buy the items—you can raise money or find philanthropic means.


Store the Goods

It is up to each branch to locate a facility (or even your home) to store the items that you collect or that National sends to you.


Distribute the Goods

Set up a time to deliver or have the agencies pick up the items on a monthly, or as needed, basis.



If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact us at (215) 682-9183 or our toll-free number (866) 295-9974 and we will send you out an information and registration packet!